Michael Klinghoffer
 Michael Klinghoffer (Hebrew: מיכאל קלינגהופר), Author of Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?, Dean of Performing Arts and Senior Lecturer of Double Bass at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel. Michael Klinghoffer, double bass performer, conductor and educator studied under Gary Karr at Yale University, where he received  Master of Music and at the Hartt School University of Hartford, where he received his Doctor of Musical Arts.
He has been assistant principal bass player in the Israel Symphony Orchestra and in the Israel Sinfonietta.Currently, he performs solo concerts, recitals and chamber music and conducts master classes in Israel and abroad. His repertoire ranges from contemporary Israel music, (much of it composed for him), to his own arrangements for double bass, which have been published in the U.S. and in Europe and recorded on two compact discs.

He has published articles on Music Education and on Pedagogy in Israel professional periodicals as well as in the U.S. “Music Education in Institutions of Non Formal Education” was published by MATAN in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Since 1987, he has been on the faculty of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, conducting orchestras, teaching the double bass and other subjects. He was the Head of the String Department, the Dean of Students and he is currently serving as the Dean of Performing Arts and is the Direcor of the Jerusalem Consevatory Chamber Orchetsra.

Along with his academic commitments and performing engagements, and after being Music Director for seven years at MATAN, (Arts and Culture Project for Youth), Dr. Klinghoffer still devotes much time and energy to working with young musicians from diverse backgrounds all over Israel.



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  1. Daniel Jungwirth says:

    Hello Mr. Klinghoffer,
    I`m so glad that you wrote that book and your videos are very good to learn the Gary Karr technique. I ´ve made also 4 Mastercourses long time ago. I live in Berlin, former Solobassist of the Symphonischen Orchester Zürich, but now work as a Musicteacher. After playing Cello and Altsaxophon for a while, I´m starting double bass again.

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