The Conservatory Chamber Orchestra performed excerpts from George Bizet’s opera “The Pearl Fishers”

The Academy Conservatory’s Chamber Orchestra, with stage direction by Ari Teperberg and conducted by Michael Klinghoffer, presented excerpts from Bizet’s “Pearl Fishers”. “The Pearl Fishers” is the story of two soul mates, Nadir and Zorga when their strong friendship is damaged by their deep passion for the same woman, Leila, a priestess of Brahma and who must abstain from men. The contrast and similarity of the men’s friendship and Nadir and Leila’s strong love form the dramatic and musical kernel of the opera.

Soloists in the opera were Academy students, whereas the music was played by the Conservatory Chamber Orchestra. Dean of the Faculty of Performing Arts Dr. Michael Klinghoffer formed the orchestra in 2009. In 2011, the orchestra performed at the Ben Shemen Youth Village in the presence of the President of Israel Shimon Peres; it also began a series of educational concerts in the form of interactive open rehearsals. The orchestra has collaborated with youth orchestras in the north and south of Israel as well as with Israeli composers such as Israel Prize recipient Andre Hajdu, who dedicated a work to the orchestra in 2011, and Vladimir Shkolnik, whose work “Orchestral Games” was written specifically for the concert tour to Oslo and performed jointly with the hosting orchestra. The orchestra has performed for special needs people and also opened the Academy Day events in the 2012 Israel Festival.

from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance newsletter – Summer 2013 (page 8)

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