To Be and To Love

In the last lesson of our class, Teaching is an Art, we did a little exercise in perception: I was showing excerpts from a film and I asked my students to write down every little thing they noticed. I was certain that they would notice the poetry in the film, I knew they would enjoy the camera work, but I wanted them to notice the small and the unimportant details, the things that are not supposed to change our lives: tall trees, two turtles, the routine, things that do not cost anything but are priceless; a child’s eyes shining after he managed to flip a pancake in the air, discussing difficult matters courageously, the routine; learning spelling and writing dictations, learning the numbers and coloring in the book; the girl with the teddy bear, the routine; the toy horse on the train’s window, love. Mr. Lopez is not a movie star. He is a real teacher. The documentary To Be and To Have shows Mr. Lopez and his students. He is as real as the tall trees, as real as the turtles, as real as the tears in his eyes when he says goodbye to his students, sending them away for the summer, as real as his love for them and their love for him.

This was my first season with the blog. The blog and I will be away for the summer and I hope to come back with many more stories from my travels to the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Japan and Denmark.

15 July 2012 Taipei - International Jazz Festival / Jazz from Holyland - Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance

I thank you for being with me on this journey and I look forward to seeing you again in September.

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